What's New at SportsKey

A brief summary of features and improvements we've added to our software recently. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

March 2024

  • New Point of Sale feature for selling products
  • Take payments for anything by POS terminal
  • Customizable terms & conditions for camps & classes
  • Ability to delete erroneously recorded offline payments

February 2024

  • New marketing tools - turn idle time into prime time
  • Additional date limit options for promo codes

January 2024

  • Extend existing bookings by adding addtional slots
  • Improved page layout and navigation for administrators
  • Improved categorization for facilities by type
  • Quickly create a new camp or class by copying an existing one

December 2023

  • Revamped Camps & Classes with more customisation options
  • Memberships: New permissions, manual check-in, and more
  • Improved navigation for public booking pages
  • Various usability improvements
  • More configuration options for waivers

November 2023

  • Memberships: Support for promocodes, custom fields and more
  • Expiration dates and auto-expiry for documents
  • Waiver integration with memberships
  • Various UI improvements

October 2023

  • Request signed waivers from your customers
  • Pay As You Go support for Camps & Classes
  • Export bookings to Outlook
  • Membership barcode check-in, export and more
  • Toggle tax exemption for facility bookings

September 2023

  • Two-way messaging with customers for bookings
  • Usability tweaks for invoices, custom fields and more
  • Sign in with Microsoft
  • Optional fixed cutoff date for online bookings

August 2023

  • Request online payments for bookings added by admins
  • Customers can sign up and pay for memberships
  • Sign in with Google
  • Optionally enable bank transfer per invoice or customer

July 2023

  • Paid memberships management
  • Net sales graph in Insights
  • Customer profile pictures
  • Membership image capture

June 2023

  • Custom facility booking rates for members
  • Bulk upload your membership data
  • Optional invoice QR codes for easy payment
  • Customer profile pictures

May 2023

  • Support for week-long events
  • Customise event terms & conditions
  • Custom fields per event participant
  • Export event signups to CSV

April 2023

  • Schedule view for facility bookings
  • Improved customer archiving function
  • Filter bookings by draft
  • Choose your preference for calendar view
  • Filter facilities by groups

March 2023

  • New and improved booking flow for venue admins
  • Additional context on invoice line items
  • Simplified online booking form
  • New custom field data types

February 2023

  • Revamped payments page and report
  • Separate invoice preview and creation
  • More invoice sending options
  • Various usability improvements

January 2023

  • Send invoices in bulk
  • Ability to override tax rate on bookings
  • More audit trail options
  • Usability and performance improvements

December 2022

  • Send invoices automatically
  • Invoice and booking reminder emails
  • Advanced customer filtering and export
  • New payment options
  • More access control options

November 2022

  • Change the price of existing booking slots in bulk
  • Make a copy of an existing booking
  • More access control options
  • Improved invoice batching and customisable taxes

October 2022

  • Change booking facilities, dates and times in bulk
  • Pick and end date option for block bookings
  • Usability improvements for editing customers

September 2022

  • Basic membership categories for customers
  • Enhanced email notification control
  • Confirmation emails for event participants signed up by admins
  • Optional ability to record actual attendance

August 2022

  • Support for rates on specific days of the week (i.e. weekend rates)
  • Customers can update their own profiles
  • Additional reporting options
  • Cleaned up settings for rates and schedules

July 2022

  • Your customers can now cancel any booking (within the cancellation policy)
  • Additional audit trails
  • Improvements to facility allocations
  • Lots of tweaks to the events add-on
  • UI overhaul

June 2022

  • Full event participation management
  • Check-in feature for events
  • Ability to add internal customer references
  • Export sales report in Sage format
  • Start date and minimum duration options for promocodes

May 2022

  • More flexibility for peak times
  • Added "Point-of-Sale" payment method
  • Mark invoices as sent without sending
  • Terms & conditions for events

April 2022

  • Event bookings (beta)
  • Default images for facilities
  • Full and partial refunds on invoice payments
  • Search schedules and rates by facility name

March 2022

  • Support for 15 and 45 minute booking intervals
  • Limit how long online bookings can be made in advanced
  • Custom sort your rates and schedules via drag-and-drop

February 2022

  • Watch booked slots and get notified on cancellations
  • Block booking renewal reminders
  • Custom field sorting by drag and drop

January 2022

  • Advanced search and filters for bookings, customers and invoices
  • View customer-specific documents in booking context
  • Human-friendly venue URLs
  • Rearrange custom field order by drag-and-drop

December 2021

  • Pay-as-you-go customers can now change their payment card
  • Request documents during customer registration
  • Support for tax exempt facilities
  • Optionally set a maximum duration for online bookings
  • Share specific facilities on social media

November 2021

  • Flexible opening hours and pricing schedules
  • Set facility prices even if you don't take paid online bookings
  • Improved navigation for settings on mobile devices
  • Invoice bookings in advance

October 2021

  • Tailor your online booking forms with custom fields
  • Optionally make booking titles and notes public by default
  • Minimum lead time for online bookings
  • Attach documents to customers

September 2021

  • Revamped online booking flow, optimized for mobile
  • Facility description is now optional
  • Marketing opt-in during checkout

August 2021

  • Enable your customers to cancel their own bookings
  • Custom billing address for invoices

July 2021

  • Support for countries with added sales tax
  • Optionally request your customer's organisation when registering
  • Downloadable payment receipts for online bookings
  • Improved access control and permissions for multi-venue accounts

June 2021

  • Your customers can now pay their invoices by credit card
  • Added ability to void already issued invoices